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What are Natural Success

Coaching & EFT

What are Natural Success & EFT?

Natural Success Coaching 

One thing I know for sure, this coaching will transform your life, your goals, results and relationships. 

You will discover your heart and your purpose.I work together with you to not only make choices, but to take the actions that lead you to your highest potential. This is for you if you are a Graduate of any Natural Success Course, including Create Your Destiny. CYD is an online course offered with access to live training, videos and zoom practice sessions.  

This course is only $10us and is a prerequisite of this Natural Success Coaching. If you haven’t completed CYD (Create Your Destiny – which includes the development of your intuition) – I can still work together with you. We just begin at a different starting point.

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) brings in elements of Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to build new pathways in the brain and create lasting change.  The EFT process is fantastic, the NLP elements really augment the process and help to reprogram the brain to eliminate negative thoughts, emotions and behavioural triggers associated with certain events.

Working with me as an Accredited Natural Success Coach

 You will Discover:

  • How your Focus creates your Reality (and what we focus on, is often not what we think we are focusing on!)
  • Everyone has a heart
  • A true understanding of yourself, through understanding the Egoic strategies that you identify with and importantly how to Step out of these to live your life as you truly desire it
  • How to work with Advanced Techniques of Natural Success as appropriate and I am here to support you to be the greatest version of yourself
  • How to set up Choices designed just for you
  • How to set up Structures for optimal Success
  • That tension is a creative positive, and how to harness this
  • Acknowledging Successes -and they will happen often
  • How to further develop your Intuitive processes
  • Tools to improve your work and business processes and of course profitability



And of Course

  • Accountability to keep you focused and on track.
  • Holding you to your highest potential

I work Individually with you – on zoom in your own home.

Sessions are 90 – 120 minutes, twice a month. This enables you to have optimal success.

How Much

$660 per month (including GST)


EFT Consultations

An EFT consultation usually lasts around 2 hours.  The first part of the consultation is a “discovery” session, where I ask a series of questions to identify what issues you are currently facing or what may have gone wrong in the past that may be influencing your current behaviour.  We aim to get to the root cause, where the problem began.  You do not need to openly speak about the details of any past issues or trauma, unless you would like to do so, but during  part of the consultation you will be asked to think about the details of your issue, for one last time, in order to reprogram your thoughts and feelings associated with it. The second half of the consultation is where  we focus on transforming your emotions and associations with past events, using the EFT Tapping technique, we reprogram your mind for what you want in life.  This process is used to imprint new thoughts and ideas to change your emotional memory,  so you can just let go and release the past and any highly charged emotions attached to it. 

Cost of a 2 hour Consultation  – $310 (includes GST).



Contact Judy

If you are still searching for your peace, or you have read all the self-help books but still aren’t gaining any headway, feel free to call or confidentially message me if you would like to find out more!