Judy Timperon

This month I am talking about our Mental / Emotional Health

As a Natural Success Coach and Advanced EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, I have worked with many people who have experienced Anxiety and Depression.

Both of these modalities have been instrumental in the progress and healing of many clients.

Although I often being my journey with Clients using Tapping, we then move on to the Principles and Premises of Natural Success.  Tapping is very effective as a stress management tool and The Natural Success processes take you to a whole new level – they take you into the realm of CREATION.

I am Practitioner, not a researcher, so I use the research of other far more knowledgeable people to support my work.

One such resource is ‘Lost Connections’ by Johann Hari. His book is not only his own journey from depression and anxiety to freedom but is highly researched and documented.

Here are a few snippets from the book that may enhance your own health or the health of a loved one.

As you will see, so many of the concepts from this book connect with the premises and principles of Natural Success

  • If you over value money and possessions, or if you think about life mainly from how you look to others – you are more likely to be unhappy.
  • Intrinsic motives – looking within – our natural inherent self (True Nature and Purpose)

This is because it brings you joy because it comes from the heart and is intuitively led. Research shows this enhances our happiness – this creates more life satisfaction, and makes us feel good

I Choose the End Result of Living My True Nature and Purpose

  • Extrinsic motives – Looking outwardly for external validation rather than within

we do this because we get something from others – e.g. money, admiration, sex, status – research shows this doesn’t elevate our happiness Thinking Extrinsically tends to poison our relationships with others – the more extrinsic you become, the shorter your relationships and the worse their quality tends to be.

  • Studies carried out in 9 different countries varying from Europe, Australia, Asia, India and Canada – pg 96 Lost connections by Johann Hari
    • 22 different studies have now demonstrated that the more materialistic and extrinsically we become, the more depressed you are more likely to be
    • 12 different studies have now demonstrated that the more materialistic and extrinsically we become, the more anxious you will be

Utilising your Intuition and coming from the heart is Intrinsic and is a powerful to Creatingthe relationships and life you really want.

  1. When you do something because you love it, you are in flow and this enhances your If you do that same think but worry about being the best and comparing yourself with others, it becomes extrinsically driven, and the joy is taken from it. e.g. gardening because you love it, rather than having to have the best garden in the neighbourhood. People who focus extrinsically may develop more anxiety.
  1. Materialism leaves us vulnerable to a world beyond our control – there will always be someone, richer, better looking etc. than us.

Our innate needs

  • To feel connected contributing to The Natural Success Community e.g. participation in the Creators Academy is an example of Connection
  • To feel we make a difference in the world Be of Service
  • To feel empowered ‘I Choose the End Result of Being Free’ and ‘I Choose the End Result of Being the Predominant Creator in my own Life’
  • To feel we are good at something that we personally value

When we feel depressed, refocusing our energy to something that we love, often lifts the depression.

Hint of the Month

Any time we feel anxious or depressed, notice what limiting belief you are playing out and  refocus your energy on something you love.

I know for someone who is clinically depressed this may seem naïve and simplistic. My suggestion is to give it a go, and read the book ‘Lost Connections’ by Johann Hari. I have worked with clients who have been on anti-depressants for years and now through reading this book and doing the Coaching sessions are now medication free and their chemical imbalance in their brain has been soothed. I do NOT work with them to reduce medication, this is done with their Doctor but as you work on the emotions, beliefs, and egoic strategies and as you learn to refocus on what you really want, the magic happens.

Food of the Month – Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain Folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid both of which are good for easing depression. Current research shows many depressed clients are low in folate.(Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience).

Health is Our Number 1 Asset
As Genius Creators one of our Foundational Choices is Health.
Without Health, its becomes difficult to enjoy our creations. I see Health as True Wealth My True Nature and Purpose  what makes my heart sing is Thriving and seeing others thrive. This article and all future ones are about Thriving especially in relation to our physical health. I am not an expert; however, I source all of my information from Evidence Scientifically Based Sources, putting a creative spin on it.
My Health Motto is Happy, Healthy, Happy Healthy, Happy Healthy, Dead.
We will all die, but my aim for myself and you, is to live exuberantly happy healthy lives and to die peacefully. In 2015 Dr Michael Greger, MD wrote his best seller “How Not To Die” I resisted reading it at 658 pages as I didn’t like the title of the book. It seemed so bleak but then poor health is a bleak state to be in. WE have a CHOICE live a life full of vitality and glowing health or be a victim of the SAD diet (Standard American / Australian Diet), with a growing number of health issues. I choose Health and Vitality and over the next few months, I will introduce you to more knowledge, tools, skills and awareness. This information may well add years to your life and to enable these years to be healthy ones, so you can continue to enjoy the fruits of your Magical Creations.

Each month I will post information on the Key Diseases and how you may prevent them. including Heart Disease, Lung and Liver Disease, Brain Disease (Alzheimers), Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancers, Depression. All information comes from Evidence Based Resources – I’m just the passionate messenger.

My husband Scott (NS Mastery) was a big SAD consumer. He was diagnosed as being prediabetic, insulin resistant, high blood pressure, overweight, high cholesterol the list goes on. He has embraced this new way of lifestyle and eating and has reversed all of these disorders. He chooses himself and I can guarantee what we eat at home is delicious. He is just one of many people who have chosen Health as a way of being, not matter what age we are.

Number 1 Takeaway
Eat more plants a Wholefood Plant Based Diet is scientifically proven to enhance wellness and longevity. The key words here are WHOLEFOOD and PLANT-BASED. This does not mean supermarket vegan foods, full of excess fats, salt and additives.

If this is all you do this month step up your intake of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and wholegrains you will be making a positive impact on your health

My Background is in Nutrition (most of what I learnt at Uni has been thrown out the window!), Health Education, Coaching, Teaching and Home Economics which gave me some wonderful practical skills.