Finding Freedom

to get out of your head and get into a happier and more fulfilled life!

Finding Freedom from Birth Trauma

Judy Timperon 

Natural Success Coach and  EFT practitioner

Thank you for finding the courage to search for help and I am truly blessed that you are here.  The fact that you have landed on this page is no coincidence and I want to reassure you that reaching out is the first step and help is on the way.

As a compassionate and dedicated natural success coach and EFT practitioner, I specialise in helping people to quickly and gently release the unwanted, let go of the past and give you the tools to create a mindset for

lasting happiness and inner peace


The EFT Technique

The  EFT technique combines the best of EFT tapping with the latest NLP and neuroscience techniques, which provides a powerful and fast way to clear emotions, pain and trauma.  Many clients report immediate relief during the first session and I am privileged to have helped clients from all walks of life and in many different countries.

EFT has helped millions of people worldwide who are suffering from

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Childhood
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Loneliness
  • Chronic Pain
  • PTSD

The path to recovery

I am truly passionate about helping people and having walked through the darkness and found the light myself, I know just how dreadful it can be to feel stuck in a place of fear, anxiety, loneliness and overwhelm.  Thankfully, the great news is that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and should you choose me, your journey to recovery can begin right away.

Finding peace with EFT

During a EFT consultation, you will

  • Change subconscious beliefs that are not serving you or are triggering you to react to specific situations.
  • Gently clear and let go of past traumas and emotional blockages without having to recount the event.
  • Be given the tools to manage and direct your thoughts and emotions, rather than let them manage you.
  • Be given the tools to manage stressful situations and whatever life throws at you in a calm and easy way.

Wherever you live, you can experience the benefits of EFT.  Consultations are available as one-on-one sessions from my office in Stirling, or from the comfort of your own home via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.  The EFT technique is so robust that you can get lasting relief from just one session, however, for maximum benefit and to clear deep and longstanding issues, I am here to assist you on that Journey.

As well as working to heal many emotional issues like anxiety, depression, stress and physical conditions such as chronic pain, I also work with people on mindset training for peak performance, helping athletes and entrepreneurs reach their true potential.

“Your wings already exist – I will just help you to fly!”

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