Here are a selection of testimonials shared with the kind permission of those who wrote them.

This is a letter form one of my overseas clients – I use Skype or zoom for these sessions

I’m writing this mail to say thank you. 😊 

You can’t imagine how grateful I am.
I cannot express how wonderful it is!
Colour changed, feelings changed..Whole new world!
I feel relaxed and have more good expectations for my future. It’s a New day, literally!
I’ve been searching  for ages the way to free from this total anxiety!
I’m soooo lucky to have you on my journey.

I listen to your record you sent me several time over a day, and I started Gratitude journal you told me! 🙂
I can focus on more positive things that I took granted before.
All left is peace, joy and Appreciation. 

You showed me clearly what I only knew in my head for a long time. 

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, Judy.
Also, my English is not that good :’) to communicate easily, Thank you for putting up with it and being generous and patient too! 

Thank you again, Judy

Hope you enjoy everyday  

With Great thanks

Myoung K, Korea

I have worked with Judy personally for two years now and highly recommend her services. Since commencing with Judy I’ve had several quantum leaps in performance and find that I’m living with more freedom and an increased ability to express myself. I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done to assist me and think anyone would benefit highly from being associated with her.

Trevor Keen, Adelaide, Physiotherapist

I have found my life is getting better and better after every appointment I have had with Judy. One of the most satisfying outcomes of my appointments has been the improvement of my skin condition eczema, the amazing improvement was noticeable after only days. What I love about Judy is that she gives her clients tools to continue improving even out of sessions. I can’t thank Judy enough for the assistance she has given me, and I look forward to improving my life even further with her assistance.

Emma Ward, Adelaide

I can’t thank you enough Judy for the powerful journey you have taken me on through your work using FasterEFT.

I believe I would still be stuck deep in the trauma and subconscious conditioning of a toxic and abusive long-term relationship had it not been for being able to really tackle it far more effectively than any talk therapy.

You are a pleasure to work with and your own stories and vulnerability are a connecting link when sharing such private issues.

Anita P, Adelaide

Working with Judy Timperon has been a life changing experience for me.  No, I haven’t lost 20kg but for the first time in my life I believe I deserve to be thin, both consciously and subconsciously. 

I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life because I have learnt that whilst our past experiences shape the person we are today, they don’t have to control our behaviours and feelings forever. 

We have the ability to change our memories into positive ones and release the negativity and sadness that we carry.  

The power of FasterEFT is amazing.  Simple to remember, and simple to do. I even do it in the shower. 

One of the things I wanted was a better relationship with my husband in every way and that is what I got. I even feel a bit sexy (who would have thought).  

My family and friends have noticed the change in me, particularly my Mum, who told me that the sadness has left my eyes. You can’t fake that kind of change, the eyes don’t lie.

If you want change physically then you need to also emotionally change for long-term success.  I would highly recommend this work to anyone seeking to achieve weight loss but most importantly happiness.

Vanita M, Adelaide

A Poem Written by Jason who came to me with Depression and Alcohol Problems – both, which he is now free of.

The angry, negative, anxious person I used to be has disappeared
Now I’m the happy, positive, patient person I’ve always wanted to be
The future is full of opportunities, the possibilities are endless
How does it get any better than this?

The best time to know me is now
Not only for other people
But for me to

I’m slow to anger
I don’t get any road rage
The urge to drink has plummeted
I don’t worry about what people think about me any more
I literally can’t write the dark, depressing poetry that I used to
The black cloud that used to follow me around everywhere has been replaced with bright sunlight.

I’m quick to forgive, to forget and to move on
I finally understand now what it means to ‘move on’ and to ‘get over it’


Jason, Adelaide

Dear Judy

Thank you for all the amazing things you continue to help me accomplish. Working through the layers in our sessions and focusing on the core beliefs has created deep shifts that have positively affected my life. On a personal level, our work with FasterEFT has helped me work through the layers of physical and emotional pain and deep grief while being held in a safe space that allowed me to explore my beliefs and fears, and find new and supportive ways to let go of things that were deeply seeded. I’m still in awe of how using FasterEFT helped to reduce and change the pain I have lived with daily – thank you! I didn’t want to say anything at the time, but during our recent session I noticed a shift in my toes and by morning, the pain was barely there. It is still holding and more often than not, I don’t feel pain in my toes. There is some more work to be done, but I am now a long way in clearing what has been sitting there.

With the deepest gratitude

Vesna, Gold Coast

I want to say Thank you Judy.  Today I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders; I feel incredibly happy, even this jerky housemate isn’t bothering me all that much.

Caroline P, Glenelg, South Australia

After having tried countless therapists, counsellors, medications and alternative therapies to help me through many personal struggles, I was tempted to give up searching for answers to find a solution to all my life problems. When I was about to give up, Judy was recommended to me as a breakthrough in healing emotional wounds and barriers. After my first session with Judy – I’ve never looked back. Only 6 months have passed since my first session with Judy and I’d have to say I hardly recognise myself today!
With Judy’s gentle approach, compassion, understanding and ‘no bull’ attitude I have seen unimaginable changes to all aspects of my life and those that surround me! Without Judy’s assistance I would not be moving forward as fast as I am today minus the fears, regrets and setbacks! Judy’s professional approach has left me speechless, impressed and most of all completely accepting of myself. I am only 24 and continue to use tapping everyday as a solution to ANY problem or ailment I have in my life!
With all my heart I thank Judy for her knowledge, patience and belief in FasterEFT and most importantly in me!

Lucy Randle, Canada

My name is Jay and it would be my privilege to recommend Judy to you. I have suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome and as part of my treatment Judy took me through a course of tapping. As a result of this treatment, I am now cured from this syndrome.

This is the first time I feel free from the trauma we went through 12 years ago. I highly recommend Judy as a trustworthy person and recommend her skills as a Practitioner.

Jay Madson, Stirling, Adelaide Hills

OMG not only did I have one of the best sessions with you today I just got weighed by my trainer now an I have lost 4.4 kilos in 5 weeks! Even with how I was sick after eating she said that would have only lost 1 kilo max and the rest is weight! Wow such a happy day for me, thank you for helping me unconditionally as well, you are one of the main reasons I have faith & am able to stay motivated Judy xx

Ebony Tann

Written after first session

I would also like to say how grateful I am for meeting you.  The change that I am experiencing is so positive in the sense that I know that I don’t have to live with the issues and the emotional weight that I have accumulated over time.  Even if not instantly, the knowledge that I can work through them fills me with immense amount of positivity which floods into all aspects of my life, personal and business. 

So thank you Judy, it has been a great start for me and I look forward to our next session.  

Written after our 3rd session

When I get a migraine it doesn’t go away, the only thing that helps is sleep.  That is until I learnt Faster EFT from Judy. Twice now in a row, I started to get a migraine and began tapping. After 5mins it had eased and in 10minutes it had gone and I was back at work. Medication doesn’t help my migraines but tapping eliminates them before they take hold. 

Veronika D - Business Owner, Adelaide

Hi Judy,
Thank you so much for the session, I am writing to share happenings.

When I left you I walked to the beach and noticed that I had more energy and speed.
I lay on the grass and sweet fun childhood memories came to me of rolling down hills, making daisy chains and the fun I had in the large playground park near our home.  Also, the adventures I went on with the boys in the hills around us and I just loved going with them to the tip!!  My happiest times before we shifted to live by ourselves on the outskirts of town where we became isolated.

Lying on the grass I heard my language spoken and I understood each word! Since the war to claim independence the Croatian language has been cleansed of all other influences and now I can’t understand it.

So what another delight AND before today I would want to say hello but wouldn’t because of many embarrassments and my mother’s mantra what will people think and shame etc. 
Well, I just walked up to these elderly sisters and had a long and most lovely interaction – it was soooooo easy! I had no problems with lack of self-confidence!  It seemed that speaking in my childhood language freed me to express myself flowingly, whereas saying the same thing in English my brain etc falters and stumbles and all other chains tighten.

Also, I have not kept up communication with people that were dear to me who went to live overseas or interstate. I would get this unpleasant “feeling’.  Now I know why!! They are feelings of desertion, abandonment, loneliness, emptiness, loss of joy, love, laughter, friendship, community and acceptance of who I really was.  I had opened my heart to them!   From 2 yrs old my dad often went away for long periods of time until I was about 10. He was my family’s source of fun and lightness and would love holding me and hugging me, sing with me.  He was full of life, charismatic and when he was home we would always have lots of visitors. With him I felt loved. When he was gone all that went with him. I had no one to protect me, comfort me, balance the negativity of a frustrated, anxious, lonely mother so trapped in the fear of judgement from others.

Judy, I thank God so much for bringing you into my life to help me on my journey of recognizing my Magnificence and Preciousness. All in preparation for who I am to become to fulfil my Life’s Purpose!   Yay!

Euginia B, Adelaide

“Judy changed my life in just about every way possible. She is gorgeous, smart, intelligent, intuitive, she challenges you to be the best version of yourself and shines the light on the paths we are meant to wander! ❤️

Lucy, Canada

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